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President's Blog


Posted on February 20, 2015 at 3:40 PM

A welcome from our newly elected President of the Italian American Club of Mahopac, Giulio Cefaloni:

My warmest welcome and best wishes to all! Benvenuti e graditi saluti ed auguri a tutti! It is with deep humility and great honor that I serve as The President of The Italian American Club of Mahopac, an organization which over the years has acquired a tremendous reputation for its contributions to The Greater Putnam County Community.

 The Italian American Club of Mahopac values and espouses certain precepts: 

  • We celebrate the contributions of all Americans to our Blessed Country.  
  • We pay tribute to the hard work and sacrifices of our forefathers, to the aspirations of all immigrants and to the yearnings of all those who  seek refuge under the mantle of Lady Liberty. 
  • We honor, validate and respect all ethnic groups and heritages for their cultural richness and contributions to the mosaic we call America. 
  • We uphold and celebrate our Italian roots, traditions, history, language, culture and value system.  

The Italian American Club of Mahopac sponsors and organizes many activities throughout the year. Among them are: 

  • Scholarships 
  • Bocce Tournament 
  • Picnic 
  • Italian Classes 
  • Cultural Presentations on artists, historical figures, and more 
  • Wine Tasting & Competition 
  • St. Anthony and Saint Padre Pio Mass 
  • TV Cooking Shows 
  • Columbus Day Journal 
  • Columbus Day Pageant 
  • Ferragosto Evening in the Piazza 
  • Columbus Day Dinner Dance 
  • Columbus Day Concert and Mass 
  • Columbus Day Parade 
  • Golf Outing 
  • Pasta & Movie Nights 
  • Fund Raising for charitable organizations 
  • Christmas Children’s Party 
  • Trips 
  •  ........ and much more (for a quick link to our Event Information page CLICK HERE)


These events have become traditions in The Greater Putnam County Community and we look forward to expanding them throughout the year. 

Become a member and join us in planning these and other activities! 

Come to Celebrate with us. Bring your Family and Friends and Enjoy these Exciting Events!


The Italian American Club of Mahopac sponsors these festivities with the assistance of countless volunteers, many local organizations and businesses. We acknowledge and appreciatively thank all the businesses which support us in so many ways. Please patronize and thank them for their community pride and involvement.

A Final Thought: We, as Americans, must always celebrate our ethnic diversity because it makes our country, The United States of America; strong, unique and blessed. If we consider ourselves simply Americans and not hyphenated Americans, then our ethnicities strengthen our common culture, unite us in shared goals and bond us together as a people, “…As A Nation Under God, Indivisible With Liberty And Justice For All”.

God Bless America, God Protect The Italian American Club of Mahopac!

 Grazie Molto e

Tanti Auguri A Tutti!